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Steve Feldmann & Marie Feldmannova

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In 2005 Steve and Marie created the Gulu to pay homage to the cafe where they met in Prague in 1996. Plus they needed a place where they could get a good beer and a decent cup of coffee at the same time.

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RosIe Pickle Feldmann


Rosie is the newest in a long line of Gulu-Gulu Cafe mascots and the first female. She is a Frenchton (part French Bulldog and part Boston Terrier). For fun she enjoys eating, running, and seriously screwing with her big brother Charlie the Pug (AKA the "Space Pug "of Flying Saucer Pizza next door).  



Erin Oliver - General Manager

Erin has worked most of her adult life for Steve Feldmann and isn’t really sure why. She enjoys buddy cop movies, buffalo chicken calzones and watching TV with her husband. When she retires, she plans on becoming a substitute high school gym teacher.


Katie Kaufman - Assistant Manager

Kate Kauffman has been working in the food industry since she was a teenager. She hails from Marblehead, just down the road. She moved to Vermont for several years where she was exposed to the ever-growing craft beer culture the Green Mountain State has to offer. In 2015 she moved back to the North Shore, starting as a barista and bartender at Gulu that spring. Since then, she has worked almost every position in the restaurant. She likes horsies. And puppies. And kitties.