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October Artist – Christopher Ferrino

Chris Ferrino is a practicing mixed media artist that grew up and currently resides in Winthrop Massachusetts.  He earned his B.A. in Art from Salem State College.  Chris’s art has been featured on two records from the band Jukebox the Ghost, “Everything Under the Sun” and “Safe Travels”.  He has shown in several galleries in the Greater Boston Area, is the Director of the haunted attraction The Terror on Temple, and the co-curator of the online horror themed art gallery Reaper Madness.

This series of works is over 30 pieces and assemblages that create haunting, dark humored and abstracted personal journal entries.  He combines different media incorporating themes of nature, horror, punk rock and personal philosophy.  In his spare time he enjoys bad horror movies, coffee, cartoons, loud music, cemeteries and cat videos.

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September’s Artist – Michael Crockett

14171831_10210683242456441_1511511760_nArt Opening on September 23, 2016 @ 8:00PM

Michael Crockett is a Painter, Illustrator and Graphic Designer living in Somerville, MA.

My life has been a wonderful Whirlwind lately and I’ve barely been able to share news about projects I have been a part of the last few months.

My publishing/production team at Tryptic Press finished our 3rd and 4th local artist catalog called Chroma. We were behind on our yearly schedule due to a high demand for us to show off 1-2 at art shows and conventions so we have  chosen to create two companion books at the same time! Look for Chroma volumes 3-4 on July 30th when we launch them in the main gallery at Montserrat College of Art!!!! Visit Event page

Also on the docket is a book MCA commissioned from us. Since 2012 they have had a summer series called “Seven” where 7 artists spend a week painting a wall in their main gallery.  We were commissioned to design a book based on this series, spanning the years 2012,2013,2015. The release will be on the same day as CHROMA 3-4 Visit Event Page

This month I am honored to be featured in the comic book “The Accelerators”  released by Blue Juice Comics. I will have a pin-up illustration in the back of issue 12. This was a great project as the Accelerators is a wild story of time travel told in gripping chaos and suspense. I highly recommend it. Check it out here

I’ve also been selected, once again, to paint a piano for Boston’s second installation of Luke Jerrum’s, play me I’m yours. See my web site for the story behind my first time. It’s an honor to be involved again as I eagerly await the day! Visit Event Page

2016 has been a productive year for me. Many changes have happened to me in the last year but nothing can stop my passion for making art.

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August’s Artist – David J. Leblanc

Superman-ArtArt Opening on August 11, 2016 @ 8:00PM


Since I was old enough to hold a book, I have been fascinated with comic books. Captain America, Fantastic Four, and Batman posturing, the explosion of color on every page, and the ferocity of the action roared through my mind, and stimulated my imagination. Frequently, my father would pick me up from elementary school, and I would delve into the worlds of Marvel and DC comics. As my mother was a registered nurse at the time and her shifts would often run long, I would have a good deal of time to read. When dusk fell over the hospital where my mother worked, it was a magical time as the pages were illuminated by the glow of the street lights dotting the parking lot.

Years later while pursuing my BFA in illustration at Southeastern Massachusetts University (now UMass/ Dartmouth), I discovered painting. Shortly later, I was devouring the works Egon Schiele, the German Expressionists, American Abstract Expressionists, and Jean Basquiat .

After several years of abstract painting, I was convinced that I needed to do something to create a truly unique artistic identity by interweaving the elements of abstract painting with those of comic book art. The first painting was inspired by the cover art of Action Comics No. 1 (1938) which was the first appearance of Superman. In the process of creating Action Abstraction No. 1, I conceived the title, Action Abstraction Studio, as an umbrella for all future work.

Paintings from my Action Abstraction series, as well as, other recent work have been exhibited by several venues through galleries, group and juried shows, and at a variety of comic book conventions. I was briefly represented by the NK Gallery in Boston before they closed their doors. I am now proudly represented by The Blue Wave Gallery in Amesbury, MA, and recently participated in their Science Fiction/ Horror/ Gothic/ Comic Book Art exhibit, Vast and Strange: Visions of the Uncanny.

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Art Opening on June 9, 2016 @ 8:00PM

“Beware the Skies!”
The Corey Press – Handcarved Madness from Salem, MA

Drew Meger is a librarian who lives in Salem with his wife, child, and wayward rabbit. The only reason he has not seen a UFO was Sasquatch standing in the way.

My work focuses on the weird and forgotten. I combine classic medieval woodcut images with modern strangeness, yielding Lovecraftian nightmares and alien visitors bedeviling medieval people. Knights ride to battle mounted on dinosaurs and messages of hope take on sinister meaning when combined with aliens. Each image is hand drawn and carved before being inked and pressed to wood – it’s image manipulation the hard way.

By combining the fantastic with the historical and then pressing the result to wood, I dose weirdness with a bit of truth, a heft of being an actual thing rather than a digital dream. This grounds the viewer in the actual while tempting their imagination with the potential. What if our ancestors were visited by travellers from the stars? Beings from outside time and space? What if we just forgot? What if we remember?

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Art Opening on May 14, 2016 @ 7:00PM

Tryptic Press and the Gulu Gulu Cafe proudly presents “This Is Now”, a two-man exhibition featuring paintings by American-realist ANDREW HOULE & Boston fine artist ADAM O’DAY.

The exhibition runs the month of May with an artist reception on Saturday May 14th from 7pm-close featuring killer music from:

Scott D Buchanan, organizes music events and is the owner of Rythmus Records and RSVP Tapes. As a DJ he has performed around New England with countless artists and shared stages with electronica, noise and chiptune acts. Scott will be bringing his knowledge of djing and improvisation to the table for a special set spinning everything from skweee, juke, dub & acid.

FORREST JAMES (live set)
Forrest James is an American Dream Wave recording artist, producer and composer. Forrest’s sound is most associated with ambient electronica, chillwave and experimental dub. Previously, he was a co-founding member of world-electronic group Machine 475. Forrest’s work has been featured on Gizmodo, RSVP Tapes, Secret Boston, exhibitions & podcasts at the Peabody Essex Museum, Trtptic Press, Lab De Loops (Brooklyn), Lynn Museum and the MassArt Film Society.

QWILL (live set)
Jesse Ciarmataro, aka Qwill, is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and multi-genre music producer currently based in Salem, Massachusetts. Qwill is supporting his most recent self-produced EP entitled “Phoenix” on his own label, Simple Truth Records.

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April’s Artist – Raashaad Jones

Art Opening on April 14, 2016 @ 8:00PM

Raashaad Jones is a Connecticut born artist with a passion for fantasy, lore and gaming. During his younger years, he fell in love with the various illustrations in trading card games. Seeking an outlet for his imagination, he would often be seen drawing in his sketchbooks everywhere he went. Being the “art kid” growing up, he decided to venture to Beverly, MA and attended Montserrat College of Art in 2012.​ Having little to no painting skills yet always determined to improve, he delved into various mediums to find what resonated with him most. Raashaad eventually discovered digital painting in his junior year of college. With a humbled ambition and support from instructors, he honed his skills with recognized merit. Raashaad found his voice in being a fantasy artist focusing on serene, boldly colored, figurative illustrations. He dreams of a life making monsters, dragons, wizards and other fantastical creatures.