The Gulu-Gulu Cafe Open Mic Shindig!

Every Wednesday @ 8PM!

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Word Origin & History:

“dance, party, lively gathering,” 1871, probably from shindy “a spree, merrymaking” (1821), perhaps from shinty, name of a Scottish game akin to hockey (1771), earlier shinny (see shinny (n.)).

Sign up for merrymaking at 7:30. Spree begins at 8:00.

Hosted by local superstars Jeff Savlon and Brian Donnelly

Anthony Migliaccio

Thurs, April 24, 8PM


The man, the beard, the legend! The singer from the amazing Big Blue Octopus arrives solo style in the big bad city of Salem!

Noel Snow

Fri, April 25, 8PM


Digital mashups!

Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin

Sat, April 26, 8PM


A little odd? A little quirky? Always fun! This electro-pop act has been delighting audiences throught the Northeast for several years and are set to release their second CD entitled “THE ENCHANTMENT! (Songs to sing whilst you sharpen your pencil) on Meannie Jeannie Records.

Radio Scotvoid VS Jazz

Sun, April 27, 8PM


Spinning original vinyl and keeping it chill! Playing rare grooves of jazz & funk fusion from early 60′s to mid 70s!

Kevin Farren & Tim Dillon

Thurs, May 1, 6PM


Tim Dillon and Kevin Farren are an acoustic rock duo that combines crafty guitar work with tightly woven harmonies. Their repertoire blends classic rock staples from the 70s, guilty pleasures of the 80s and top hits from today.

DJ Andrew Galante

Fri, May 2, 8PM


DJ Andrew Galante spins Oldies, Soul, Ska, & Punk classics.

Viking Jesus aka Kris Hansen

Sat, May 3, 8PM


“Kris Hansen defied death; somehow, he’s lived to tell about it. Actually, he spends more time singing about it. Hansen has experienced an artistic rebirth, a burst of creativity, as if he’s trying to make up for all the writing time he’s missed. It’s a musical jacquard of styles, from breezy, jazzy, and psyche pop to folk, roots, and classic rock.” — Bob Gulla – The Providence Pheonix