Everything you ever wanted to know about the Gulu but were afraid to ask

Entertainment & Events (20)

I play guitar. How do I get a gig at the café?

To start the process, email us at music@GuluGuluCafe.com - send us a link to your Facebook page or your personal website. Couple things to think about: • If you don’t have anything recorded we cannot give you a gig. Sorry. We need … Continue reading

How much do you pay musicians?

Besides the Wednesday Night Open Mic we have music an additional 4 nights a week. Thursday night is set up for smaller performers just starting out and the evening can feature up to 3 performers. The night pays $100. More … Continue reading

Can I sell merchandise?

Yep. CDs, T-shirts, … the works. Go crazy!

What is the room capacity?

We have capacity for 94 or so (80 inside & 14 on the patio).

Do you have a sound system?

 Yep, two powered speakers, 2 monitors, a PA, and 2 microphones. Our soundguy will help you get set up so you sound awesome! Please note we have a NO AMP POLICY – everything with a cord gets run though our … Continue reading

What is the set time/ length/ load-in?

Shows start at 9:00 and finish up at midnight. Load in is at 8PM.

How large is your stage?

The performance space is more like a living room – we have a small small stage but it’s not wicked big.

Are bands allowed?

Sure. We ask that you be aware of the space that you are performing in. For example some performers have featured drums, but the drums were muffled as to not drive everyone crazy. This is one reason we have a … Continue reading

How about having an opener?

If you would like to have someone open for you, please let us know so that we can approve it.  Couple things we’ll need: Please provide as much information as possible including links to any band websites, etc. We need … Continue reading

What is the best way to promote ourselves in your area?

Once you are booked with us we’ll put you in our Google Calendar. About a month before the show we’ll put you up on the Events page on www.GuluGuluCafe.com. We’ll also let our fans know about you on our Facebook … Continue reading

Where can I send promo CDs, posters, or other materials?

Gulu-Gulu Café – 247 Essex St, Salem MA. 01970

Do you have an open mic?

Wednesday night is the Gulu Wednesday Night Open Mic (facebook) and is hosted by local superstars Jeff Savlon and Brian Donnelly. Sign-up is at 7:30 and the music & mayhem starts at 8PM. Please be aware that the signup sheet fills up very … Continue reading

How do I get my artwork shown?

Drop us an email at art@GuluGuluCafe.com with a link to your work.  All work is for sale and shows rotate every month. Currently we are booked through 2014- check out our Featured Artists page to see current and upcoming art. Just a heads up … Continue reading

Where is the TV? Why don’t you play the Red Sox games?

Here at the Gulu, we love the Red Sox.  In fact, there is usually a fight when the Sox are playing a good game as to who will have the night off to watch it.  But our café is for … Continue reading

Sometimes I hear jazz at the café, but other times I hear rock or hip-hop. I don’t like rap. Why do you play music like that?

We enjoy diversity in all things at the Gulu, from the art and the food to the music.  We do our best at the Gulu to provide everyone with a friendly, laid-back and relaxing atmosphere.  Basically we believe that good … Continue reading

Can I dance?

As long as it doesn’t involve a pole, we’re pretty cool with it.

What is Wi-FI?

Basically it is wireless internet access.  With the assistance of your laptop and an internal/ external wireless card you too can access the wonders of the Information Superhighway.

Do I have to buy something if I want to use your Wi-Fi/ come to Open Mic?

Yes.  We are happy to provide people with free wi-fi and a cover-free open mic, but as a result we need you to be a respectful customer and buy something. You are enjoying our atmosphere and taking up a table, … Continue reading

Can I play music on my laptop?

If you have headphones feel free.

Do you have a computer I can use?

Nope.  But you’re free to bring your own laptop.

General Questions (18)

How do you pronounce the café’s name? “Gula-Gula?”

We realize that it is part of the North Shore’s culture to put an “A” at the end of everything.  However… we are NOT Gula-Gula. Gulu-Gulu Café: Goo (as in goulash or goo-goo ga-ga). Loo (as in Cindy Loo, or … Continue reading

What does Gulu-Gulu mean?

Gulu-Gulu means “glug-glug” (the sound you make while drinking) in French.  It was the name of a café in Prague where Steve and Marie (the owners) met and fell in love.

Why Salem?

Downtown Salem is a great place going through a significant transition.  It has great architecture, is walking distance to the ocean, and is right on the Commuter rail line to downtown Boston.  It also sports a great artist community, great … Continue reading

How are you guys doing?

 Great thanks!  How are you? Seriously – we are rockin!  We have a loyal weekly lunch crowd, a hopping night time music scene, and some great regulars.  Keep on coming!

How do I get on the newsletter mailing list?

You can sign up at the door of the café or online at www.GuluGuluCafe.comcontact.asp.

What are your hours at the Gulu?

8AM – 1AM everyday of the year (except for Thanksgiving and Christmas)!

Are you going to open another Gulu somewhere else?

Maybe someday… right now we are concentrating on running the Gulu in Salem and our sister shop the Flying Saucer Pizza Company next door.

How old is the furniture? Where did you get it?

We are very proud of our funky, eclectic décor at the Gulu.  The couches are brand new, purchased for the café by Steve and Marie.  The chairs and tables are a mix of old and new, some gotten from restaurant … Continue reading

Are children allowed in the restaurant?

Of course they are! We celebrate everyone, including midget types, here at the Gulu.  Just keep in mind that on some nights we have loud music and DJs, and we have spotted people consuming beer and wine.  Use your best … Continue reading

Can I buy gift cards?


Are you a gay club?

We are an everybody club – all are welcome at the Gulu!

What are your politics?

Coffee, art, love, puppies, good food, beer, and wine.  We believe in equality, fairness and happiness for everybody.

Where can I park?

Metered parking is available in front of the cafe for 2 hours at a time. There are tons of parking garages/ lots in downtown Salem as well. For entertainment at night or dinner, parking is available for free after 5 … Continue reading

Can I rent the café?

It’s been done in the past.  Drop us a line at info@GuluGuluCafe.com.

Can I hold a business meeting at the café?

We are always happy to serve your business needs.  Please be respectful of the staff and other patrons by ordering food and drinks and realizing that we can’t turn off the music to accommodate you.  You cannot bring your own … Continue reading

How about a book club meeting?

Sure thing!  We love book clubs!  Please call ahead to let us know you’ll be coming so we can be prepared, and remember to order something if you’ll be staying.

Do you have newspapers at the café?

 We are happy to provide the Boston Globe for our customers to enjoy while they are here.  We usually have a stack of the Boston Phoenix as well.

Do you sell Gulu T-Shirts?

Sure!  Check out www.GuluGuluCafe.com/Merchandise.asp.  We are always designing some new styles so be on the lookout! Plus we have mugs, beer glasses, tote bags, and MORE!

Hiring & Staff (4)

Are you hiring?

Most people that work at the Gulu end up working for us for a while. That said, from time to time we are hiring. We look for talented people who aren’t afraid to work hard and have fun. Personality is … Continue reading

What’s up with the pictures of the dogs?

Many cafés around Europe have a mascot and since we are styled after European cafés we felt we needed one too. Jack is a Boston Terrier and is the honorary Gulu-Gulu Café mascot. Our newest doggie Charlie is a pug and currently is wrapping … Continue reading

Will the puppies respond to my e-mails?

They has some issues typing (lack of fingers will do that), but they will do their absolute best!

Is XXX (name left out to protect the server’s identity) single?

Nope.  (Unless your name is Brad Pitt…)

History of Gulu (3)

Did Marie and Steve really meet at the Gulu-Gulu in Prague?

Yep.  They sure did.  They had their wedding party there too!

Is your Gulu similar to the old one?

Sorta – the vibe is definitely the same.  Like the current Gulu, the old Gulu was a coffee bar during the morning hours and more of a wine bar in the evening.  We have done more with the food, music, … Continue reading

What was the Salem Gulu before you opened it?

The Gulu-Gulu Café in Salem was recently a section of the Phoenix School which has moved to a new location in Salem.  Back in the mid-1950′s it was a Sears. We would like to believe that it was also a … Continue reading

Menu & Dining (15)

Where’s your kitchen?

What you see is what we are – the majority of the kitchen is right next to the bar. All the food prep is done downstairs. We don’t have a fryer or stove.

Why don’t you have dark roasted coffees?

The bottom line is that we are not big fans of dark French roasted coffees…When coffee is roasted dark, the beans get burned, masking the flavor of the actual coffee and producing a bitter tasting roast. We serve a medium … Continue reading

What is ciabatta bread?

This is the basis of our panini sandwiches.  Fresh, locally baked thick crust Italian bread.  Yummy!

How come you don’t serve bacon and eggs in the morning?

We like to do things a little bit differently here – there are tons of great places right downtown to get a traditional American breakfast. But if you want to be a daredevil try one of our breakfast sandwiches or … Continue reading

How come you run out of my favorite food items from time to time?

 We believe in delivering you the freshest possible products.  That means that occasionally we run out of popular menu items, even though we try our hardest not to.

Can I buy coffee beans?

Yep! We have packages ready to go.

Why does it take so long to get our food when it is busy?

There are a couple reasons.  One is that the staff you see is the staff we have.  There are no busy little monkeys downstairs making your sandwich or opposable thumbed sharks doing dishes. The other reason is that our panini … Continue reading

Why don’t you serve liquor?

We do have a very large collection of hard to find beers and wines.  We also serve a selection of cordials including Becherovka and Slivovitz from Eastern Europe. We even have dessert martinis! Who needs a rum and coke?

Where is the Budweiser? What’s up with the weird beers?

We do our best to be a little different here at the Gulu, and that means offering you some of the best of what is out there, that’s a little different than what you could find everywhere else.  Keep an … Continue reading

But what about the vodka? I love my martinis!

Sorry – we like to be viewed as a family-friendly, laid back café.  We are not a bar, and at this stage we don’t feel that offering hard liquor would be conductive to keeping this atmosphere. That said, we do … Continue reading

Do you have draft beer?

Yes we do, and we mix up the selection all the time -we think that keeps things new and exciting. Currently we have 24 draft lines. We also feature a cask on the 1st Thursday of the month.

Should I tip?

Tipping, while not mandatory is pretty customary in the service industry, and is always greatly appreciated.  The rule of thumb is 10% of the total bill for good service, 15% for great service, 20% for exceptional service. So if you … Continue reading

Can I buy loose tea to go?

Absolutely!  Loose tea comes in a stainless steel tin for your steeping enjoyment.

Do you cater?

Yes we do! E-mail us at catering@GuluGuluCafe.com for more info.